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North of Monza

New co-generation station - Acsm-Agam

new co-generation station north of Monza

The project of the station delimits the area strictly annexed to the services of the station and creates around it some areas of public access as the new cycle and pedestrian path which raise above the service area of the station and the public gardens in the north. The service area is hidden underneath a green surface that demarcates the visual and acoustic impact of the station towards the residences placed along the west side. The purpose of the property was to improve the impact of the central building searching a solution to minimize the technical volume realized. That is why we have been thinking about a polychrome front based on the theme of the green blended with the light blue trying to camouflage the necessary squares of the prefabricated panels. Moreover attempts have been made to insert in a common drawing the existence of the silencer’s grill and of the massive insulated doors of access to the technical space. This drawing is animated by metal sheet in blue waves which are superimposed on some parts of the front trying to break up the corners, hide the technical parts and solve some parapets and service walkway.
In all of this, stands out even more the existence of the cantilever of the control room as a thinking volume that gushes out from the green forest and enclose the beating heart of the co-generation station.

Work published on national magazines

2009 – Work selected for the exhibit “Urban solution light and energy for the public administration” which chose architectural and urban projects of excellence focused on the theme of lighting and energetic efficiency.


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€ 3.220.000,00