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Villetta unifamiliare a Montecucco di San Giorgio di Pesaro

Fish-shaped house

Fish-shaped house – Villetta unifamiliare a Montecucco di San Giorgio di Pesaro

Project of a private “fish-shaped” villa for a single family. the villa owes his name to its forms which are inspired by the sweet sinuosity of the hills of this land. the wavy forms are realized using modern technologies and materials, that are a sincere expression of our times. this work tries to follow a criterion of the organic architecture, which is dear to Frank L. Wright. the architect, in fact used to teach to his students that the architecture should always be born from the ground and not just lean on the ground.
The staircase positioned transversely, approximately in middle of the local divides the lunch area and the kitchenette from the living room. It’s location actually doesn’t block the visual continuity of the ambient. The staircase’s curved beams are made in painted laminated woods, as well as the boarding used for the coverage and the secondary structural system of iron beams bolted to each other that hide the neon lighting system. A sculpture-hood above the kitchenette characterizes the entire lunch area The colours of the hood evokes in its facets the forms and the colours of the alternating of the seasons, but also the colours of the sky and the sea of the Marche’s region. Upstairs, the loft leads to the sinuous outdoor balcony that protects the window below. The wide balcony is made in iron and wood, with a parapet similar to those of the cruise ship.
On the highest part of the lot, the house takes root to the ground and gives birth to a curved porch that can be useful as a woodshed, parking space, or local for tools. Made in crimped rheinzink sheet, the porch is in perfect continuity with the profile of the house. In fact, thanks to the triangular cut of the two side windows of the living room, the house’s profile seems the figure of a smiling fish that darts over the “hilly waves”.

Opera pubblicata su riviste nazionali.
Opera inserita nel libro “Architetture extraurbane della provincia di Pesaro e Urbino”

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