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“Umberto Tagliabue” primary school gym

“Umberto Tagliabue” primary school gym

Demolition and reconstruction of primary school new gym

The project, nicknamed STOP&ZOT, wants to be a caesura with the pre-exhisting prefabricated structure, a STOP; but also a restart, a novelty, a rebirth for the neighborhood. Highlighted by new geometries, that support the functions. It is the movement produced in the gym space that expands the geometries and the spaces creating the new gym and its services.

The objective of the project is the realization of the new gym, to replace the old one, no more suitable and containing asbestos, along with the creation of new locker rooms linked to the main building of the school, as well as minor works of maintenance to the exhisting school itself.

The new gym is a building with independent accesses, built for students, but open to the city and to the public use. The structure is designed using timber prefabrication so that most of the building has been built “in the factory” and then put in place on site, drastically reducing the construction site times to the realization and predisposition of the foundations and the MEP systems.

Thinking about the comfort of the new structure, a decision was made, after choosing a more proper orientation for the building, to design a wide curtain wall window to the south. A glass surface that is properly shilded from the sun by the pre-exhisting trees, but still allows plenty of light to enter and a wonderful view on the school courtyard, creating a strong connection between the inside and the outside of the gym.

The realisation of a timber structure for the main volume, the study of the openings, the extensive green roof and the attention to details and to MEP systems, have allowed to obtain the KlimaHaus/CasaClima “Class A” certification, that guarantees environmental and maintenance sustainability as well as internal comfort.

The project management of such a complex geometry, structure and realization, also due to the pubblic nature and to the function of the building, has been possible thanks to BIM modeling and to the carreful implementation of quality standards.










Client: Desio Municipality
Architectural design: Roccatelier Associati
Structural design: Roccatelier Associati

Design team: geom. Silvia Primo, per.ind. Umberto De Pace, ing. Paolo Marazzi
CasaClima consultant: arch. Giuseppe Cabini
Acustic design consultant: ing. Daniela Mannina

Construction company: Esteel_srl
Timber Construction company: HOLZ Albertani s.p.a.


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Municipality of Desio