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Give art to the city: La Spezia and Verdi Square

Retraining of Verdi Square

Retraining of Verdi Square – La Spezia

The sense of the proposal is the transformation of a square to cross to a square to live; born as a widening on the urban trajectory, nowadays automotive, parallel to the sea, underlined from pines which indicate the central axis, Verdi square is proposed as urban uniform space enhanced by activities, perceptions, emotions: a big complex “low relief” made of just one material structured on the existent light differences of height along the perimeter and highlighted by the new drawing. The new drawing proposed for the square aspire to transform it from a border and support space of the historic pedestrian center to a key aspect to make it a true trait-d’union between the sea, the communal gardens, the work, the historic center: the heart of the city. The project expect flexible solution which permit spatial change carrying the transforming process, without other interventions. The sculptures (linked in a uninterrupted system and report) define the water space, the one of the green and, on the long sides, areas to stay, in which the furniture décor treated by the owner will melt with the fixed furniture in a game of colours, use, movement.
…So, Verdi square of the third millennium with his marble and steel ripples want to represent “the sea battle of La Spezia which meet its little hill”.

In collaboration with:
Architectonic planning:  Arch. Massima Pica Ciamarra – Pica Ciamarra Associati – Naples
Artist: Riccardo Dalisi
Historic consulant: Valeria Scandellari

Architectonic Project | Preliminary Project


City of La Spezia | International contest


€ 2.200.000