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“S. Maria Goretti” Mormanno

New parish complex

New parish complex “S. Maria Goretti” Mormanno

The worship building is inspired by the anacoretic and cenobitic spirituality present in Mercure valley since the Dark ages that here is evoked in the image of the assembly space cave. Liturgy means action and all was born from the liturgical movement around the altar and from the solemnly walk of the faithful to the mass. The artistic elements are like sculptures which were born from the earth reclaiming the form of the stalagmites of the anacorets’s caverns.
It is in the shape of the bell tower that it raises towards the sky, spatially evoking Christ ascent towards the Lord, that this project gives identity to the holy building in the Mormanno landscape. The parvis, animated by the Easter fire, becomes a balcony towards Pollino park where you can take a break and pray but also to be in front of the bifacial Saint image. The light, mitigated and widespread, will enter in the church through a opal glass facade to facilitate the concentration of the faithful around the altar illuminated by a lantern visible also from the overhead main road.

In collaboration with:
Artist Arch. Luigi Leoni Arch. Chiara Rovati – Studio Ricerca Arte Sacra Pavia
Liturgical Mons. Claudio Fontana
Work published on national magazines

Architectonic Project


Competition organised by CEI Italian episcopal community


€ 1.029.876,50