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Building restoration

Il Varo

Il varo

Love at first sight for a space with an ancient history: farmhouse, stable, warehouse, furniture storage, mechanical workshop and now? A house, a laboratory of ideas and a warehouse that is also an exhibition space.
Many functions in a crumbled space in the semi-peripheral area of Monza.
A space that is actually teeming because it is located near the major road and railway arteries but also served by the metro in the future. A space surrounded by small houses, spaces with gardens and villas but also productive laboratory activities, leisure spaces and even finance.
A space that is growing and transforming, a creative stormy sea in which we have beached the ship. A steel and wood casing suspended on a structural plate made with the Cobiax system and supported by exposed reinforced concrete pillar trees that personalize the storage space.
The ground floor is dedicated to the warehouse space and the exhibition area which has a reserved pedestrian entrance on a hidden road, reserved but which houses a small garden of stones and cactus that prepare you for the corten steel of the entrance door. Here, beyond the meeting space, a steel block stone staircase takes you to the first floor of the offices. The office spaces open onto a window that shows the full width of the exhibition warehouse and attracts the eyes on the exposed concrete pillars. Next to the master office where you can check the operation of the ground floor space.
If, on the other hand, you enter the large courtyard paved with draining concrete, you will arrive at a second entrance, more hidden by the office block and internal parking. Here is the lift that serves all floors up to the roof but also the staircase leading to the house above the production space. A bit like what happens in Brianza where everywhere we see the master’s house overlooking the underlying laboratories, here the residential building fits into the low plastered structure with its metal structure and the titanium zinc cover on the ventilated wall.
The house welcomes you with a large living space on two levels which opens onto the hanging gardens which partly cover the warehouse and the underlying offices. A high parapet protects the family dimension from the looks of the neighbors. The rooms unfold in a more hidden and reserved way because the family public space could also become a work, entertainment and reception area for customers.
Towards the farmhouse which is located on one side of the building, part of the existing volumes had to be maintained and so it was, also highlighting its presence with the volumes and giving it a translucent expanded metal skin. The presence of the warehouse was underlined leaving the tips of the roofs that previously characterized the structure.
The building was obviously built following the latest indications regarding energy respect and quality of materials with a look to the future: green roofs, photovoltaic panels, steel and exposed wood structure, recovery of the brick wall of the warehouse inside if it reports the history of its past.
A building with many stories and which will have another one today, hopefully even more engaging and innovative.

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Photography is by: Marco Introini

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