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Planning contest Best Western

Design your Room

Design your Room – initiative realized by Best Western Italia

The project of this hotel room model is based on the idea of creating an alcove, that is a comfortable hideaway, where it is possible relaxing after a long working day.
Light colours, natural woods cover the nigh-time area inserting the recess lights on the sides lifting up and almost isolating this area from the rest of the world. A band wraps and hangs up the bed up to accommodate the area in front of where crosses with another coloured band which brings us towards the door and the outside world.
This second band accommodates the space of the suitcase but becomes also a hook to lean the jacket or the shirt, comfortably take off the shoes and maybe sit at the table to write the last e-mail of the day.

The bathroom is simple and welcoming.

The colours are warm and soft and the wall in front of the window could place a city view which welcome our guest… to suggest a visit or make him feel less estranged in those hotels looking all the same and informal.


Architectonic Project | Preliminary Project


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